We provide advice and representation on all matters of Criminal Law in Scotland. We will attend with clients in police custody or in prison, at any time if necessary.

Criminal Legal Advice

Facing criminal charges, whether it is for a relatively minor road traffic offence or a more serious charge, can be a daunting experience. Securing sound representation as soon as you possibly can is important – even if it is just to give you some piece of mind about what may happen.

Our team of experienced criminal lawyers will guide you through the process, fully investigating the case against you and advising you on your options and likely outcomes. We are committed to providing our clients with a strong defence, with clear and straightforward advice.

Legal Aid

The Scottish Legal Aid Board provides for funding in relation to all aspects of Criminal Law, depending on your personal and financial circumstances. Our solicitors canĀ assess your eligibility and make an application to the Scottish Legal Aid BoardĀ on your behalf. For more information please visit

Road Traffic Offences

Our Criminal Law team are experienced at defending our clients against charges for various road traffic offences, including driving without insurance, speeding, driving whilst disqualified and using a mobile telephone whilst driving. The penalties for such offences can be onerous, and we ensure our clients receive the best representation and advice.

Where you choose to plead guilty to an offence, our solicitors can make a plea of mitigation on your behalf, citing ‘special reasons’ as to why you should keep your licence, or ‘exceptional hardship’, where you might lose your job if you lost your licence, or someone relies on you to drive.

Fixed Fees

We believe in being honest and upfront with our fees. We offer a range of Criminal Law services in relation to road traffic offences on a fixed fee basis. For more information, please click here.

If you are facing criminal charges in Scotland and need advice or representation, we are here to help. Contact us on 01461 203 836

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